Google Mini Fridge Gift for Top Google Adwords Users

It seems Google sent another gift to its premium Adwords users this time. You might remember they sent Christmas Gifts to top Google Adsense Publishers earlier. It was a mini Google Fridge which was gifted to top Google Adwords Users

Google Mini FridgeThe buzz started at Digital Point Forums where users started getting the Mini Fridge by Google titled Google Adwords – Cooler Thinking. Take a look at the Google fridge photo.

There is even a Google Fridge Blog which says why guys at Palo Alto Software received this gift from Google Adwords

“we were very happy today to receive a nice little gift from our friends down at Google today the Google Fridge (AKA: The Cooler). Actually it’s quite an honor to receive this newest addition to our development team. It was gifted to us because we hit our millionth PPC lead through AdWords.”

Visit and shop at the Google Store for all things googley – but these gifts are exclusive!


  1. Dan Perry says:

    I was lucky enough to get one as well. Very coveted gift, and it’s made MANY people jealous since I got it. isn’t that the point of schwag?

  2. Search Engine Advertising says:

    I hope they keep sending those kinds of gifts

    • dude says:

      there’s one on ebay:

      • eric tucker says:

        Curious. I have one of these fridges. What was the asking price on the fridge when you had seen it?

  3. Solutum says:

    COOL!!! ;)

  4. Prakash says:

    It was great. I’m so glad to being here. Hope to win & get it. Looks forward to it. Thx for let me know this offer by sharing your post. Keep sharing good things always like this.

  5. jason says:

    On Ebay!@!!

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