Google Web Toolkit : Build AJAX Apps in Java Language

Google today launched Google Web Toolkit (GWT) that is a Java software development framework that makes writing AJAX applications like Google Maps and Gmail easy for developers.

With Google Web Toolkit you can develop and debug AJAX applications in the Java language using the Java development tools of your choice. When you deploy your application to production, the GWT compiler translates your Java application to browser-compliant JavaScript and HTML. Google Web Toolkit ships with a Java-to-JavaScript compiler and a special web browser that helps you debug your GWT applications.

Google Web Toolkit Getting Started Guide can teach you how to install the Java SDK, download and install the Google Web Toolkit SDK, and build a Sample Application.

GWT is a cool way of helping developers leverage that expertise in their own AJAX apps. And did I mention it is free, for both commercial and non-commercial use, and available for all countries. Download the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) SDK that has everything you need to write web applications using GWT, including the GWT compiler, hosted web browser, class libraries, and a number of sample projects to get you started.

2 comments on “Google Web Toolkit : Build AJAX Apps in Java Language

  1. Gavin says:

    This is great news ,I have been thinking about starting as a newbie with ruby on rails hearing great things I know they have a plugin for Ajax and was wondering how the new google toolkit compares.

  2. Steve Warshauer says:

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