How to Create a Google Logo : Easy Photoshop Tutorials

Have you wondered how to create the Google Logo and similar beautiful images you see on Google’s homepage called Google Doodles.

Of course it requires some professional photoshop skills, but these tutorials give you the colours, required fonts and the photoshop tools that are required to create your own fake google logos.

Tutorials1 has a quick guide to recreate the Google logo using the Book Antiqua font, colour the letters, drop shadows, Bevel and Emboss.

Another Free Photoshop Tutorial by Logoogle lets you create your own Google Logo. More photoshop tutorials teach you to spice up your logo, add some clip art and even animate it. They say the original font is called Catull, which is a paid commercial font, so they use the free Times New Roman font which is “amazingly similiar”.

Remember that display and usage of Google brand logos / trademarks has to be done as per Google guidelines and permissions.

“If you are using the Google logo on a web page, there must exist a minimum spacing of 25 pixels between each side of the logo and other graphic or textual elements on your web page, and the Google logo must appear by itself in a manner that does not in any way indicate to viewers of the web page that Google endorses the products, services, or information provided on that web page.”

And they also list there a long list of “Things You Can’t Do”.

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