Join the 9 Rules Blogging Network : Round 4 Blog Submissions

9 Rules network is a popular blogging network with a community of nice weblogs on a variety of topics. And now is your chance to join this blogging network.

So far they have held three 24-hour submission rounds with hundreds of blogs trying to get in, but only the very best are able to join the network. They just announced the round 4 blog submissions

Tomorrow night (aka Wednesday morning at 12am), we’ll be opening up our doors for the Round 4 submission round. What should you have prepared? You just need your name, email address, web site address, and a short description of your site. That’s it!

This is a great opportunity to join the 9rules, provided you submit your entry on time within the proposed 24 hours on Wednesday 17th May (12 am EST to 11:59 pm EST) – Use this time zone converter to get the time in your country. You can find more information on the about page, which highlights some membership responsibilities like posting great content which is updated regularly, a nicely designed site, a desire to improve your site and your skills and a commitment to the 9rules community. And the benefits for you –

We do a number of things for our members – primarily we help build traffic and increase your exposure by featuring your content on and our Communities & Featured sections, so thousands of new readers can be introduced to your site. If you love writing for the web, then we can help you reach out to more people and make your blog the best it can be.

Are you joining 9 rules?

Update 1: The submission process has started. You have 24 hours only to fill a simple form informing them about your site – Submit here

Update 2 (18/5): Submissions are closed and they got exactly 700 entries. And they promise to have a look at all submissions and announce the new 9 rules members soon.

Update 3 (26/5): Next week they will be publishing a master list of all the sites that were accepted into Round 4 and then start with the individual writeups on the sites.

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