Microsoft Proposal Submission Tool : Submit Business Plans

Do you have a business plan that you would like to suggest to Microsoft and partner with them. Is there a simple way to contact Microsoft and get the right people to look into your business proposal. Visit the Microsoft Proposal Submission Tool.

It provides an effective way to help you efficiently submit a business proposal for consideration by Microsoft and receive timely feedback and relevant resources.

“Upon receipt of your proposal, an experienced business development manager is assigned to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your proposal with colleagues from across Microsoft’s business units. Proposals are evaluated against current business objectives and priorities. Preliminary feedback and next steps will be communicated by email within 15 business days.”

Do you have a creative business idea which Microsoft might buy. Use the Microsoft Proposal Submission Tool.

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12 comments on “Microsoft Proposal Submission Tool : Submit Business Plans

  1. Robert says:

    Your link to the microsoft proposal page needs to be updated.

  2. danielle cooper says:

    I have an business idea I’d like to sell to microsoft.tell me all the ways to submit it.

  3. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Link updated. Thanks for pointing out.

  4. Henry Chukwunagorom says:

    Proposal is in the website mentioned above

  5. john aarness says:

    There is only one save option for save and paste. You should make 2 to 5 saves with each having the seperate paste options. The paste option could show a small portion of it so you know what saved iten you are pasteing. This would be a huge improvement to every user.
    I hope you like the idea, it would be nice to have that option. Thanks.

  6. Dan says:

    What is the method to submit a cell phone idea to Microsoft? What is the idea-submission policy at Microsoft?

  7. shane parks says:

    i got a idea i think it will take off rather quickly please contact me so i can submit it thanks

  8. yahya says:

    i was send to microsoft i need to show my idea to microsoft abut indeveduall system

  9. yahya says:

    iam in plestine my nomber is 0598439747

  10. yahya says:

    I have an business idea I’d like to sell to microsoft.tell me all the ways to submit it.

  11. Sudheer R says:

    Dear Sir,
    How can I send a new software idea to your company? How i express my idea to you in a very confidencial level? and How I contact for the development of this sofware? Expecting your early replay


  12. zg says:

    A new Microsoft site for submitting all business proposals to Microsoft:
    Check it out!

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