More About Google Adsense Video Ads : Play Your Ads

Recently Google launched Contextual Click-to-play Video Ads on Google Adwords. Now they have released more information on how these video ads will function in relation to Google Adsense ads.

Here are some facts –

  • Google will host the video and pay for the bandwidth. Video will show as an image and only run when clicked to play.
  • Publishers will be paid for site-targeted video ads on a CPM basis. For contextually targeted video ads, publishers will be paid for clicks to the advertiser’s landing page.
  • Video ads can be up to two minutes long.
  • You can watch the videos appearing on your site by clicking on the “Play” button. DO NOT CLICK on the advertiser’s URL, or the ad itself, it will be equivalent to clicking your own ads, generate invalid clicks and get your account banned
  • Your settings should allow image ads, within any of the following ad formats: 336 x 280 (Large rectangle), 300 x 250 (Medium rectangle) and 250 x 250 (Square).

So opt for image ads, and you might be seeing some video ads soon. You can play the video but clicking on the ad or URL could generate invalid clicks, so avoid these common adsense mistakes.

Update : View a sample Google Adsense Video Ad.

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