National Geographic “Life’s an Adventure” Action Photography Contest

National Geographic Society is organizing the “Life’s an Adventure” Action Photography Contest which begins March 15, 2006, and ends June 11, 2006, and takes place in three parts. Entries received between May 16, 2006 and June 15, 2006, are eligible to win the Third Phase.

Got professional photography skills? Send them your best action or adventure digital photographs, and an original personal statement between 100-200 words that describes where you were traveling and any travel tips you can offer. Limit one entry per person per Phase of the Contest. Five Prize Winners for each of three Phases of the Contest will receive one copy of Bill Hatcher’s National Geographic Photography Field Guide: Action and Adventure. There are many National Geographic Photography Books that you can buy at Amazon.

Winners will be chosen over the next few months, and some images may be published in future issues. Check out the first Action Photography Contest winners, selected by National Geographic photographer Bill Hatcher.

Check out this award winner –

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