New Google Adsense Referral Buttons

Just when banner blindness had developed to the few selected google adsense referral buttons, Google decide to launch a huge range of referral buttons across all its referral programs for Adsense, Google Adwords, Picassa and Firefox with Google Toolbar.

The Adsense Blog announces this new feature – “With the sleeker design comes a more web-friendly GIF image and several additional colors to choose from — all to help the button feel more at home on your site.”

The new buttons are in all shapes and sizes with shaded backgrounds and lots of different text colours to suit every site. Recently they has introduced text referral links which was a popular demand by several publishers. I am sure Adsense publishers will welcome this large range of buttons.

Login to your adsense account, go to set up and look for the referral to check them out. I am sure you would be delighted.

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One comment on “New Google Adsense Referral Buttons

  1. ravi says:

    is this referal program available in india???

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