Search Google With Blingo and Win Prizes

Amidst the search engine competition between Google, Yahoo and MSN, Blingo is a Google powered search engine which lets you win prizes while searching.

BlingoThe way Blingo works is simple – They pick a bunch of random winning times, the first person to search after the winning time wins instantly and you tell them where to send the prize. You can see the list of daily winners on their right panel.

No registration is required. Clicking search results or sponsored links gives no better luck to win. They limit each household to two prizes per month. Prizes are simply a way of encouraging people to use Blingo to search the Web. The Prizes for May 2006 are Visa Gift Cards, Sony PlayStation Portable, Apple iPod Nano, iTunes Gift Certificate and Movie Tickets.

There are more ways to win prizes with blingo. Invite your friends to sign up and use Blingo and if someone you invited wins a prize, you win the same reward. It is easy to add Blingo to your browser toolbar and search bars. Now the bad part, prizes are US only.

I use Google search everyday. I do not mind using Blingo if I have a chance to win prizes daily. Look out for more Google Search tools.

3 comments on “Search Google With Blingo and Win Prizes

  1. Amit Agarwal says:

    Oh yes, Blingo is good – I did receive some movie tickets and Amazon gift certificates from them.

  2. Rita Green says:

    I have won a ten dollar amazon gc from Blingo! Not to mention my high hopes that the prize patrol from PCH will be coming soon!!!

  3. elisa says:

    I like Blingo – it is fun even if you don’t win///

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