Six Minute Project : Collaborative Multimedia Experiment

The six minute project is a collaborative multimedia experiment in which people upload 24 hours of their life, six minutes at a time.

You need a digital camera (with extra memory cards for storage) and a timing device (like a cellphone), back up batteries and you are ready. Take a picture every six minutes for 24 hours of either what you’re looking at when the alarm goes off, or of something that sums up what you’re doing at the moment. Go to sleep normally, but as soon as you wake up, resume the project. So, if you go to sleep after 13 hours of the project, you have 11 more to do when you wake up. At the end, you should have 240 pictures.

They recommend you use your cell phone to keep track of the six minute mark. Since most cell phones have 3 programmable alarms, set the alarms 6 minutes apart and reseting them every 18 minutes should work. When the alarm goes off, take a picture. After all is done – Upload images and burn a CD and mail it to them. Read the FAQ to get the whole idea.

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