Snap Search Engine : Visual, Fast and Interactive

As more search engines and web 2.0 tools are launched everyday, a new search engine Snap is creating interest. Snap is visual. Snap is fast. Snap is Interactive.

What is the Snap Difference?
Fast Visual Display of Results Previews – it shows you a preview of the result. The Snap results-Left/Preview-Right interface concept eliminates much of the guesswork of search.

Actively Anticipating Your Intent – From the moment you type one letter in our search box, Snap begins to actively anticipate your intent.

Direct Interactivity with Your Search Results – Snap allows direct interactivity with the preview site, without having to leave your results behind.

Better Relevance Through Behavior – By analyzing these past searches, it can tell which result is visited more often, the average time users spend on the site, and whether or not they took any action.

Check out Snap and see the difference for yourself. Another wonderful search result display you can try out was recently released using Yahoo Instant Search Technology Livesearch on AlltheWeb.

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