Are You a SOB? Successful and Outstanding Blogger

I first came across this word SOB when I saw a logo on a blog titled “Official SOB” and then I saw another logo and another. I was tempted to visit to find out what SOB is all about…

 What is a SOB? Well SOB is an acronym for Successful & Outstanding Blogger and it is so popular that deserved mention in the giant blogging glossary too. The SOB headquarters are at run by the talented blogger Liz Strauss.  Every week she makes a list of SOBs, copies their logos and adds them to the list of Successful and Outstanding bloggers. The list is collection of all the blogs that show the key traits of a successful blogger.

You will find tips there of how to become a SOB too. Check out the SOB Directory which presents the official badge of achievement of SOB to all who earned the right to call themselves Successful and Outstanding Bloggers. I am thankful to Liz to honour me with a SOB award too!

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