Get Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3

Now you can download the latest version of Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3. There are some exciting new features to check out in the latest beta.

IE blog points to some new features. There are new icons, they have lightened up the stop, refresh, and search icons, and the old favourites star is back. Now you can keep your tabs organized within your window by drag and drop tab reordering. Authenticated FTP issue has been fixed. The quick access to email button is back. And the autoscaled large images can be expanded to full size by a new magnification icon. And there some improvements in the ways IE7 beta 3 handles feeds, the major one being refresh all feeds for updates.

These are minor tweaks but provide very essential functionality for the common user. Download IE 7 Beta 3 now.

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One comment on “Get Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3

  1. Hobbit Hob says:

    hey guys, any idea about a workaround for installing it without validating your windows?

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