Download Ghostzilla: Discreet Web Browser for Surfing at Work

Surfing the net at work? We always wanted a discreet web browser which blends with common applications, disappears instantly when the boss is looking and lets you surf privately at work…

 Ghostzilla Secret Web Browser

Ghostzilla is a free open source standalone Web browser that shields you from the glances of people around you, when they try to see if you are surfing the Web. It enables secure browsing at the workplace…

Ghostzilla runs your webpage inside the work application, so other co-workers get confused that you are actually working, but you are actually browsing the web. If someone happens to come close enough to actually see what you are doing, simply move your mouse and the webpage will disappear, only to show your working application. When the mouse rolls back, your browser comes back instantly. Since it is a tabbed browser, you can surf multiple pages in the same window, and of course pop-ups are never a problem now. Download Ghostzilla from Softpedia.

And the list of amazing features is long. It adapts to all applications with full Web standards support, multi-page (tabbed) browsing, disabled pop-up windows, built-in Google search, text zoom in/out. It runs directly from a CD without installation, does not write to Windows registry, does not leave files on your PC, keeps setting and history hidden and encrypted, or on a USB drive, is not shown in taskbar when hidden and there are six levels of camouflage.

What more could you ask for surfing privacy while browsing the web on job. The screenshots say how the browser blends into outlook, disappears with mouse and comes back with other mouse gestures.

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