Imbee : Secure Social Networking and Blogging for Kids

Want to have parental control over your child’s blogging activity and social networking? Imbee claims to be the first secure online social networking and blogging destination specifically designed for kids from ages 8 to 14.

How is imbee safer than other social networking sites like MySpace?
Imbee requires a parent or guardian to submit a valid credit card to be used for authentication during registration. So they know who you are. Secure firewalls protect your personal data from Internet search engines or unauthorized users.

It offers parental control and monitoring by letting parents review their child’s blog posts, comments or posts exchanged and images or music requested for upload. Only members can view blogs or messages and only when invited to do so.

So Imbee ensures your kids are communicating in a safe environment on the web and their privacy is insured and you have the ability to easily check up on what they are doing online. By registering with a child, Imbee can link your account to your child’s account, allowing you to monitor and participate in their online activities an help them use the Internet safely.

Want a secure safe email account for your children? check out Yahoo Family Account that provides safe email for kids.

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