Is Growing 9Rules Blogging Network Losing Its Exclusivity?

9Rules blogging network is one of the most prestigious blogging networks in the blogosphere and recently held the round 4 submissions to welcome new blogs to join their network. And they joined 111 members (now 115 members, and more still sneaking in), which surprised many…

I know many bloggers were disappointed for not getting selected, many raised issues about how 9rules would handle so many blogs and if it would remain as exclusive as before. 9Rules explains their growth and exclusivity

“It would be nice to admit that there is a plan on how much more we would like to grow, but to be honest we are starting to reach new territories now. We are starting to see submissions every round where the quality gets better and better and that was the problem with Round 4. There were just too many damn good sites to say no to. When asked what number we are going to take every round, we always respond by saying we never want to put a cap on quality.

I can understand when you see such a large number you may think that we are growing too fast, but if you sit back and think about it, we have only had 4 rounds in over a year. We only add sites when we are ready to grow and in between each round we have updated our site to try and improve the experience for our Members and Readers.”

I looked around several of the blogs they selected and based on their stringent criteria, I agree on the sites they chose truly deserved it in terms of design and great content. I am sure the 9rules network will manage them professionally and maintain the exclusivity and grow more in the coming rounds to provide great content by promoting good blogs to the forefront.

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