Advertise on Word Pages : Adopt a Keyword

Another new advertising concept has started similar to the pixel homepages of the past and these are called the Word Pages.

I spotted 2 of such Word pages like the 500 Words and 1000 Word Page. The basic concept is one single page with lots of keywords which hyperlink to your webpage. You choose the keyword you want to buy, and that keyword links back to your website. The more advertising moolah you pay, the larger the font size gets. Add ons premium advertising features like underline, overline, bold and colors are charged extra.

The 500 words page lets you select a keyword, pay extra for many additional features like bold, colors, font size etc. and links directly to your site. The 1000 words page has predefined popular keywords, pay extra for more font size and keyword links to your site.

The Million Dollar Homepage was sold out, I wonder how successful these word pages will be!

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