IEAK Beta 3 Launched : Customize Internet Explorer for Users

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Internet Explorer Administration Kit 7 [IEAK 7] beta 3 has been launched. Corporate administrators, Internet service providers (ISPs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), independent software vendors (ISVs), and Internet content providers (ICPs) can use IEAK 7 to to create custom packages of IE 7 on XP or IE 7+ on Windows Vista and manage Internet Explorer 7 for their users or customers.

If you want to provide your IE 7 users with your own default set of preferences, links, toolbars etc., Internet Explorer Administration Kit 7 can help you choose customization options for Internet Explorer that help showcase your content in a number of ways.

“You can set IE 7 defaults, include your own custom components to be installed and create a package with the above customizations that can be made available to your users. IEAK 7 can generate both customized full downloads of IE 7 for XP and small customization-only packages that can be applied on top of an existing IE 7. IEAK also provides the ability to generate these packages for various languages that IE 7 supports.”

Some of the new features in IEAK beta 3 are you can add web feeds to your customized browser, support multiple home pages, make multiple search providers available and a new anti-phishing filter. Have you wondered how your internet service provider tweaks and customises your IE? You know now.

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