Microsoft PhotoSynth : Reconstruct 3D Digital Images

Microsoft Live Labs provides a preview into their new photo editing tool called Photosynth, which they will be demonstrating next week at SIGGRAPH 2006 in Boston. Photosynth takes a large collection of photos of a place or object, analyzes them for similarities, and displays them in a reconstructed 3-Dimensional space.

So what exactly can you do With Photosynth?

* Walk or fly through a scene to see photos from any angle.
* Seamlessly zoom in or out of a photograph whether itís megapixels or gigapixels in size.
* See where pictures were taken in relation to one another.
* Find similar photos to the one youíre currently viewing.
* Explore a custom tour.
* Send a collection to a friend.

Since it is the first technology preview, I do not see any download link or any online interace to run this service yet, I believe they will demonstrate its features soon and you can look out for more competition amongst the photo editing softwares…

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