SuperScreen : Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen

Want to show a movie to your neighbourhood, without owning a movie theatre. Try Superscreen, an inflatable movie screen which can be set up in minutes.

SuperScreen utilizes a specially designed projection screen that provides bright, high-resolution viewing. All SuperScreen models are 16/9 HD widescreen format. Available in 4 sizes depending on your requirement, Pro is the largest size (24′ x 36′) while to create your own outdoor or indoor home theatre system you may opt for the LT version (10.2′ x 11.2′)

SuperScreen Pro and Jr. set up in 60 minutes, while the The Mini and LT require 15 minutes to set up completely. Just lay out the ground cloth, unroll the vinyl frame, attach the screen, secure the blower and inflate your screen. Once you’ve anchored the tie-down straps, you’re set and ready to go. Take down is equally easy. Just open the zippers to deflate and roll up.

You can rent the LT inflatable Superscreen for as low as $200 per day for your event. Or you can buy it for your daily home theatre purposes and lead the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

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  1. Christian Jones says:

    Make sure to check out They offer more advanced systems with everything built into one unit. Big inflatable movie screens and outdoor cinema systems.

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