Tourist Remover Removes Unwanted Objects from Photos

How many times does your prized photo snapped during a travel contain unwanted objects and people. Not all of us are photoshop experts. Is there a simple way using an online photo editor to remove these? Try Tourist Remover which removes unwanted objects from photos.

How it works? Take multiple photos from the same scene and the Tourist Remover then blends them into a composite photo without any interfering elements. Tourist Remover is part of the Online Photo Manager Snapmania that helps you organize, share and archive your photos online. Check out the Tourist Remover Gallery to see some excellent output images rendered by the Tourist Remover and get an idea of how it works.

This is an excellent way of editing pictures online without the need for any photoshop skills. Amazing!

3 comments on “Tourist Remover Removes Unwanted Objects from Photos

  1. Thilak says:

    It would have been nice if i could remove it from older photos (w/o taking multiple shots)

  2. gbruno says:

    OT, but pingomatic hasnt worked for about week
    posted here because this site
    is the googletop on multi-pinging.
    You recommended pingomatic in 2005 and pingomatic has no comments section

  3. Luiminus says:

    Really cool stuff. How come I didn’t think of that :D

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