What is Google Jockeying?

Someone mentioned this phrase “Google Jockeying” over at work today. And it turns out that Google jockeying might be an effective tool to help students acquire skills for online research.

Pandia Search Engine News clarifies on what Google Jockeying is all about…

“A Google jockey is someone who takes part in a presentation or class and surfs the Internet for web sites or resources mentioned by the presenter or terms and ideas related to the topic. These searches are displayed along with the presentation and are meant clarify the topic and provide further learning opportunities.

Although this practice takes its name from Google, any search engine will do. The Google jockey will search for definitions, images or multimedia files and other online resources that illuminate the topic.”

They point out that Google jockeying is described and promoted by the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) in their presentation about 7 Things You Should Know About Google Jockeying.

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