Lycos Mail Beta : Unlimited Size File Attachments + 3GB Storage

Lycos launched a new free email service called Lycos Email Beta. It is being projected as the only free web mail service to offer 3 GB of free storage, and ability to share unlimited size file attachments.

Most popular free email services like Yahoo Mail offers 1GB, Gmail offers 2GB+ and now Lycos email will offer 3GB, upgradable to 5GB with paid upgrade. Broadband internet users who like emailing large size file attachments (beyond the usual 5-10 MB file limit imposed by most free email providers) will find this Lycos email impressive.

Now some limitations – You need to login once every 30 days to keep the email account active. POP access is a paid upgrade (same as yahoomail, but gmail users used to free POP3 email access from outlook or other email clients may feel the pinch).

Let the competition continue amongst the free online email service providers. The users will benefit either way. (I remember my 6MB Yahoo Mail account, 2MB Hotmail account…. before Gmail came along with 1000MB and counting)

Missing a email file attachment in Gmail? Well, Gmail doesn’t allow you to send or receive executable files.