Meet Actress Priyanka Chopra : Charity Auction on Ebay India

Want to spend a day on the film sets with actress Priyanka Chopra? An auction on Ebay India, the online auction house, is running bids to help the auction winner spend a day with top Indian bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.

Priyanka Chopra (images), a former Miss World, will donate all proceedings from the charity auction to a reputed NGO called Nanhi Kali which helps educate the girl child in rural and urban India. The auction featured on the front page of Ebay India, has a current bid close to 2.5 lacs rupees, with 37 bids and celebrity auction will close on August 20. It would be interesting to note how much the winning auction bid will be.

The winners wish to meet celebrity actress Priyanka Chopra will be fulfilled in Mumbai on or before November 30, 2006 (at your own travel expense!). The charity auction is being managed by Percept D’Mark, celebrity management agents to Priyanka Chopra.

This is an interesting way by which celebrities can do fundraising for their charity and social causes they support. It gives all bidders an equal opportunity to win, while generating revenue and publicity for the charity.

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9 comments on “Meet Actress Priyanka Chopra : Charity Auction on Ebay India

  1. wajid says:

    I want 2 meet u and i love 2 see ur films

  2. ALTAF HUSSAIN says:

    to talk to Priyanka chopra one time because i like her and i fell in love with her, so i hope that i will get it and once time i will seurely go near her.and i love her and i love her.
    Altaf Hussain

  3. vaishnav says:

    you are so beautiful&so cute

  4. vaishnav says:

    and i want to meet you & i like 2 see your films

  5. reverse auctions says:

    This certainly is something nobody want to miss.

  6. bharat says:

    i love u priyanka chopra

  7. ajay sharma says:

    it is very good to see u on TV or net. Pls provide us your smiling photos on the net and please i do not like couple photos, only single. As you are so young u look like aged tell us something about your maturity attitude and tell us something good u feel about doing bollywood movies.

  8. mohd naseem says:

    priyanka u looking beautiful.but u r looking most beautiful when u r in jins & t-shirt.ur smile is also cute. i like u in the comparision of other actress

  9. sani says:

    hi priyanka how are you i am fine and i hpe you will be are my favorite bollywood actress.and my favorite bollywood actor is hrithik.i was born in USA(boston).but i am in michigan.I saw your movie krish and i fell in love with you and are my favorite celebrity in the whole world.please please please please please please send me an email.i realy love you.

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