Blaugh Blogosphere Comic Parodies A-List Bloggers

Today I stumbled across, which is the (un)official comic of the blogosphere. – colorful, satirical, and comical. Brad Fitzpatrick is the talented bLaugh’s comic artist, and Chris Pirillo (of lockergnome fame) is the writer.

What interests me most is the parodies about our blogebrity or the so called A-list bloggers and top blogs. And they provide a cut and paste code to add these comic strips to your site.

ProBlogger Trick Chicks

That is the very original problogger Darren Rowse. I am sure many people are still searching for a domain name with problogger in it. I just checked at GoDaddy and,, and are still available…

What's a Scoble?

Robert Scoble, the former famous Microsoft blogger has the most popular blog on And he can sure drive traffic to you site and Scobleize you, or maybe not?

Boing Boi-oi-oing

Boing Boing is Cory Doctorow’s directory of wonderful things…

Matt Cutts, Cat Blogger

Matt Cutts, blogs about Gadgets, Google, and SEO (not cats!) and helps Google to visit your site. Bribe him for more hits!

2 comments on “Blaugh Blogosphere Comic Parodies A-List Bloggers

  1. Going Like Sixty says:

    Re: Scoble and Cat cartoon
    I’m loving it that Can I Has Cheezburger
    is ranking above Scoble.

  2. says: isn’t available anymore :D

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