Blog Pixel Advertising with Free GPix Million Pixel Ad Script

We all put text ads and image ads on our sites, but have you tried pixel advertising. The million dollar homapage was sold out and was a successful advertising campaign which made Alex Tew a millionaire in a few months. It started a new rush for different styles of pixel homepage advertising campaigns. How about getting rich by incorporating a small version of the pixel advertising idea on your blog or website…

I found this cool concept on Xiaxue, run buy a popular Singapore blogger named Wendy Cheng on Blogspot. She has incorporated a long column of pixel ads where you can buy a 10×10 pixel ad space for $31.25 USD or $50.00 SGD.

This unique system is powered by GPix Pixel Ad Script. It is a free million pixel script that requires only a web server running PHP/MySQL, and the ability to chmod files and folders. This free million pixel script is one of the few open source such pixel scripts that uses a Smarty template architecture, is capable of supporting multiple languages, and uses PHP’s Pear libraries for database abstraction.

It has a host of wonderful and powerful features which can let you create and run your own million dollar homepage and start generating instant money for you. Though the example suggest a full page board with millions of pixels, Xiaxue has modified it in a brilliant way for pixel advertising inside her blog… you can too!

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