Forbes 400 Richest Americans are All Billionaires

The rich only get richer. The Forbes 400 which compiles the 400 Richest Americans is unique this year since for the first time, everyone on the list is a billionaire.

How do they make the list?

“We do our best to value everything, from stakes in publicly traded or privately held companies, real estate and investments in natural resources to art, yachts and mansions. We dig through SEC documents and court records; call analysts, employees, competitors and ex-wives; and look at newspaper and magazine articles. We also take a hard look at debt. However, we do not pretend to know everything on a private balance sheet.”

See the complete list of the Richest 400 Billionaire Americans. Similar to the Worlds Richest Billionaires List, the top 2 on the list as always are William H. Gates III (aka Microsoft Bill Gates) and his friend Warren E. Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway) who is incidentally selling his car (more cars which billionaires drive). I see a lot of WalMart guys in the top 10.

They report that the collective net worth of the nations wealthiest climbed $120 billion, to $1.25 trillion … how much are you earning?

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lisa jean
lisa jean

i want you to send me email address of the world riches people in the world


All I have to say is… who cares about these people.I’d rather be poor and happy then rich and miserable.


How can I make some money online? Is it really possible?

william francis
william francis

hi sir,i real need your help.can you send me email adresses of william h gates,sheldon adelson,lawrence ellison and alice walton.