Free Moo Flickr Minicards for 10,000 Flickr Pro Users

Is your business card boring? Flickr MiniCards are a set of small, customised calling cards with each card featuring a different photo from the last. Moo MiniCards are ideal for sharing the details of your Flickr photostream, group or image locations, along with email, instant messager, and cellphone info on a high quality card featuring the photos of your choice.

Made from heavy stock paper with a smooth satin finish, they are a cool geeky alternative to your usual printed professional business card. They measure 28mm x 70mm and are roughly half the size of a standard business card.

They are giving away 10,000 free packs of 10 Flickr Minicards to Flickr pro members, as well as offering free international shipping (a saving of $4.99) on all other orders until the end of September. You can incorporate your favourite Flickr pics, add your personal details on the back and get 100 unique colorful business cards for $19.99!

Do you know how to create a great business card for everlasting first impressions.


  1. Sherwin says:

    This may be a cool idea, at first glance. But IMO business cards should be blank on one side and not plasticy. You should be able to write on them. This is so that while you’re conversing with the card-owner, and there’s something that you would like to remember about them, you can just write it on the blank side of the card when you’re done talking. Makes for better networking.

  2. Wireless Internet Access Provider says:

    guys.. its actually even simpler to add a flickr rss feed photostream that.. just change the key word tag in the code at

    and paste into your blog or site done.

  3. Shonna Kamerer says:

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