Google Adsense Gifts Lava Lamps to MTV Video Ads Testers

Google Adsense is fond of keeping its top publishers happy. Remember when they gifted a Google Mini Fridge to top Google Adwords users, or how about the christmas gifts for Adsense publishers.

Google Lava LampGoogle Adsense has now gifted shoemonkey a yellow lavalamp with a card thanking him for testing the premium content MTV video ads with AdSense. Graywolf got his lava lamp and asks “what about the other 148 of you did you get your Google Adsense Lava Lamps and did any get a color other than yellow?”

Jensense had earlier pointed out that following the announcement that Viacom & MTV would be partnering on a deal with Google to display videos through the Google AdSense program, the videos have begun displaying on publisher sites. Learn more about Google Adsense video ads and see some samples.

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