Google Wordmasters Challenge : Finding India’s Best Writers

Google Wordmasters Challenge aims to find and reward India’s best writers. The contest is open only to the first 300 participants and the deadline for entries is 25th September 2006. The contest will take place on Saturday 30th September 2006, at 11am.

The contest will be judged by a panel of respected professional writers. The Google Wordmasters Challenge shall be conducted simultaneously at Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Cochin, Pune, Indore and Ahmedabad. The winners will be announced around 30 October, 2006. Read the terms. Besides some exciting awards, you might land up with a Google job!

73 comments on “Google Wordmasters Challenge : Finding India’s Best Writers

  1. aditya barigali says:

    i would like to participate in the challenge

  2. sumita kulkarni says:

    I AM CURIOUS-This is one contest where being curious will bring in the laurels!

  3. Surya Kant Rathi says:

    I want to participate in google wordmasters challenge(from kolkata)

  4. p.n.jyoti says:

    I would like to register myself for the challenge.

    Thank you.

  5. shrgh says:

    how to participate? is it online?

  6. drshekharairan says:

    I fit the bill.Contact me. Wordsmith Shekhar

  7. shobhana shiknis says:

    i am from Pune, and being impressed by the advertisement by google, wish to enrol for the wordmasters competition, to be held at Pune.

  8. shobhana shiknis says:

    it would be really exciting to participate in the wordmasters challenge, as i think i am quite good at it !

  9. shobhana shiknis says:

    i am a writer,and by participating in the challenge, would find out if i am also one of the best !

  10. shobhana shiknis says:

    Please enrol me for the challenge from Pune as I am greatly interested.

  11. shobhana shiknis says:

    it seems to be an exciting and novel programme and i would like to enrol for the challenge.
    thank you.

  12. shobhana shiknis says:

    I would request to kindly register me for the competition.

  13. shobhana shiknis says:

    please enrol my name among the first 300 participants.

  14. shobhana shiknis says:

    congratulations google on this novel project, hope i am registered for it !

  15. shobhana shiknis says:

    it’s very thoughtful of you google not to keep the age bar,so that writers like me can still get thrilled to take part !

  16. shobhana shiknis says:

    what are the criterias for accepting the comments ? please enrol me for the challenge.

  17. shobhana shiknis says:

    I wish to participate in the selection of india’s best writers challenge competition.

  18. D.Krishnaswamy Rao, Bangalore says:

    I wish to register for participating in the Google Wordmaster’s Challenge from Bangalore

  19. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Please follow the links in the post to register and see the terms. You can register here and the terms are here

  20. Sanu S Kumar says:

    i would like to workin agreat organisation like Google. I wish I could win this Wordmasters Contest

  21. malavika says:

    how do i get to know about these competition in near future?

  22. malavika says:


  23. Ankush Regundwar says:

    Hurray! Thanks Google Team for awarding me a place in first 300 participants. I am flattered to receive this opportunity.

  24. Ankush Regundwar says:

    I will be participating from Indore

  25. Geetu Garg says:

    i think its a wonderful chance to know yourself better!!

  26. Kashinath G says:

    I’m Kashinath G from Pune. I haven’t any feedback yet on my registration.

  27. Mayuresh D says:

    These commenters can’t even understand simple instructions in English, and they want to shine in a challenge that tests their ability in English? What a hope!

  28. abhishek vyas says:

    i also want to participate in wordmasters challenge to be held in kolkata

  29. Nila Rajeevan says:

    Are the names of those selected for the contest out???
    Where do we find them???

  30. Aquarius says:

    i have already registered myself ,where and how will the contest be held.where do i get the details from.

  31. Aquarius says:

    will it be held online,if online then which site do i need to log on to for participation.(i have already registered).

  32. Nila Rajeevan says:

    Where can we find the names of those shortlisted for the contest?

  33. sagar indori says:

    it was a big opportunity unfortunately missed due to acute fever but i’ll wait for same.

  34. anirudh says:

    i am happy to know that i have been shorlisted in the 300 participant’s of ahemdabad………….i am looking forward to this opportunity…….i know the competition is going to get tough but “without competition winning is like begging” & i never liked to do it that way………..
    it doesn’t matter to win or lose what matters is to give in ur best……….& that is what i believe in……
    my best of luck to all the participants…….

  35. AV says:

    I will come in from B’lore

  36. Hemang says:

    i am already enrolled in the program lets see if i am competant enough to win…. do pray if u get spare time on my behalf as well….

  37. chitta ghosh says:

    every challenge is an opportunity to excell…to push the boundaries of one’s limitations. Win or lose, i want to make the most of it.

  38. Ramesh Chandra Pathak says:

    Thank Google! i will participate on 30th for Google wordmasters challenge in Kolkata.If you are looking for best writer and exceptional individual to join the Google team in India then your search will be end in me.

  39. Debasish Mukherjee says:

    I had registered for the Google Wordmasters 2006 on the last day – 26th September 2006 (Monday) for Delhi. Till now (24 hours before the contest) I have not received any invite, nor any intimation of the venue in Delhi.

    Debasish Mukherjee

  40. ANIL BUDHIRAJA says:

    THANKS !!

  41. Vasudha V Kailaje says:

    Thank you for accepting my application. Though I have been intimated by SMS, I have not yet received the invitation by e-mail, which needs to be produced at the registration desk tomorrow. Pl advise. What should I do next?

  42. Anju Saxena says:

    Can somebody tell me the time of the contest in Bangalore?
    I received a sms saying it is at Baldwins Boys High School but they did not mention time of the contest.

  43. Saurabh says:

    People, if at all you wanted to take part in google wordmasters. You needed to register on Dates are gone now.

  44. My name is Antony Gonsalves says:

    Couldn’t help but just laugh at the comments. What happened to even small amounts of common sense?

    Are we so lost?

    Cant people read? – Well looks like they can – but understand a wee bit at the very least?

  45. Satyendra Seth says:

    where in pune do i go to appear for the contest

  46. kala suresh says:

    The contest was a well organized, and very interesting too! It sures will bring out the talent google wants. Participation itself was an exposure.Thank u google for the opportunity. U can hire many of us as free lancers.

  47. Hitesh says:

    I’m Hitesh from Pune. I haven’t any feedback yet on my registration. awaiting for ur +ve response!

  48. Gopal Pillai says:

    Registration confirmed on Wednesday,
    September 20, 2006:

    Thank you for registering to attend the Google Worldmaster challenge. We will be in touch with you shortly.

    The Google Team

    Still waiting to be touched – I am deeply touched

    Gopal Pillai
    October 01, 2006.

  49. John Mathew says:

    Google Wordmasters 2006 – an experience

    Google Wordmasters was conducted across 10 cities in 10 cities across the country. I was one of the lucky 3000 who participated in the contest.
    Here’s the experience of a man who experienced it.
    I was a participant at Ahmedabad center. At first, the misconception (not only to me but to a lot of participants) was that only 300 out of the whole country would be there. So I expected around 20-30 from Ahmedabad as this was a city with the least IT-savvy people compared to the other cities but to my awe, as soon as I saw around 250 people standing in the registration line, I knew I was wrong.
    Hence, the conclusion was there were gonna be 2999 competitors for me !!
    As I reached there, I was given a registration number at the desk and then we were led to an air-conditioned auditorium. The venue was nice but still a lot of doubts here and there.
    We could see a couple of youths in Google Tshirts making people envious bout them. They were working actively on the event. The head of Google from Hyderabad, Sonia Flynn, was there. She gave amazing guidelines to the restless participants who wanted to clear each and every doubt in mind (of course, which was needed guys!!)
    Sonia gave a small but nice presentation on GOOGLE and also about Wordmasters 06
    But the funny thing, was the funny questions coming from the crowd like Can I use smileys? Whats the least amount of words we can write a passage on? Can I use French words? etc.
    Sonia was amused by the questions but managed to answer.
    They gave a printed paper on which there were 2 sets of words each of a set of 20. Participants had to choose one of the sets and write a passage. Conditions were no one can write a passage of more than 200 words, all 20 words have to appear once in the passage and time was 1 hour inclusive of 45 min of writing, 10 min of verifying and 5 min for the final check.
    I had studied what the competition was before many days and so was prepared but I was not sure of getting success owing to the poor English levels of Gujarat compared to the other cities, but the competition was not much dependant on the language. It was on smart use of the time to finish a creative passage with given constraints.

    The words were simple, except a few. But for me it was stressful as I wrote the passage the first time in rough in very bad handwriting to get the theme, then a second time to get it more clear, then a 3rd time to see if its all correct grammatically and also if it contains all 20 words and finally the 4th time on the actual answer sheet they had given. I found that I had written 205 words. So cut off some unnecessary words here and there. Finally, I ended up at 193 words.
    We submitted it and that’s it.
    They gave goody bags to all, containing a big notepad, a pen, a keychain all with Google logos.
    Everyone’s waiting for a call from The Google HR team. But they would call only 10 and out of 10, 3 would be winners. They would get cash prizes, a distance learning course from some top foreign university and a tour to Hyderabad Google office.
    Well, I had gone because I love that brand. I admire the way it’s come up and I admire the revolutionary products they come up with. Great going GOOGLE!!
    Everyone’s waiting for 30th October 2006 !!!

  50. Ankush Regundwar says:

    contest was great!! It was an awesome experience… Carried the goody bag of google back home!

  51. Shipra Sharma says:

    The experience was gr8,let’s keep our figures crossed!!:)

  52. Raj Kumar Hansdah says:

    I was @ Kolkata. My GOOGLE goodie bag did not contain the key chain. Lets hear from other participants at the venue (I wasn’t too curious to look inside theirs )

    It was great FUN, especially the doubts raised by the participants ! I felt I was back in my school English class, having regressed (or grown) to Harry’s age.

    About the Essay, I was so focussed on my piece, that I managed to do it in a CRISP, concise 110 words. Then, later I tried to expand it to at least 150 by APPENDING some sentences. Before I coul finish the latter task, the warning bell had rung, and I started jotting down hurriedly on the fair sheet, whatever I had scribbled on the draft.

    The ultimate result would be for the GOOGLERS to judge; but who dares stops me from dreaming that I won… by a wide margin….
    Thats it folks, do share your experiences…..t

  53. alka says:

    i got registered for the google wordmasters challenge. and that too on 23rd september.but no calls, no emails and no sms for the event. was quite disheartened. great for all of you who were selected. all the best for results. i’ ll catch u all up next time insome other contest.

  54. anish.v.r says:

    I have written wordmasters challenge by google
    and MY Experience are Given In:

  55. neha sathaye says:

    well…..thanks to google for carrying an event like wordmasters competition.
    would like to know the date of the results and how do the winners get to know?
    i have participated in the competition and is curious to know the results.
    thank you!

  56. ravindresh says:

    hey guys
    so the d day is here but i m not sure if the results are already out on the net
    if anyone gets to know the result let me know

  57. Subarna De says:

    hi all aspirants!
    I too am a participant of the Google Wordmasters Challenge and waiting expectantly for the results.I am not sure if they r still out.if anybody come across it plz let me know .I managed to portrait my essay with all 20 key words flashing within its net 196 word limit.
    But till my eyes see the merit list i cant stop myself dreaming from being a part of the GOOGLE TEAM in my nearest future.Hope my destiny shines in the hands of the GOOGLERS…and i wish my name to step in the GOOGLE campus soon.

  58. maits says:

    i second you ravindresh. have had butterflies i my stomach since yesterday…. no relief in sight though

  59. maits says:

    sigh….ok guys its out. some bloke called s.k has made it. won a maruti swift! alls not lost yet, still two more places to go… keep your fingers crossed.

  60. Narcissah says:

    Will someone please tell me where the results are out? I neeeeed to know!! A S A P

  61. anish.v.r says:

    hi friends,

    I promise ,i’ll come with the

    more info:

  62. maits says:

    hey hold it! not so soon…. that was all a hoax. this s.k guy was apparently joking (and how cruelly pathetically at that). alls not lost yet. keep your fingers crossed.

  63. Hari Menon says:

    I’m sure the chap who claimed he won a Maruti Swift was joking. The prizes won’t be anywhere as lavish. Besides, Google wouldn’t have kept it a secret. The company would wish to get as much publicity as possible, right? Unfortunately, all it’s getting on these blogs is negative publicity from disgruntled participants!

  64. Manjit Singh says:

    I also visited (Participated) in GWM contest at New Delhi.
    It was quite challenging but There were no Desks, We were expected to write on sheet supported by Goodie Bag/NotePad sitting on an auditorium seat !!!

    Contest included – 20 random Words…
    You must Use all of them in your little piece between 150-200 words !!! The piece should be accurate from both gramatical angle as well as logical…

    Somehow I got my Q Paper almost 5-6 Minutes into the contest, since the volunteer simply was not coming my way, hence In about 40 Minutes, foloowing was what I could put togather !!!

    Words Chosen from Given Option
    Rethink, Humane, Meditation, Viewpoint, Soothe, Accept, Hurt, Professional, Motive, Adamant, Einstein, Control, Democratic, Anger-Management (this was togather), goodness, nerves, Adverse, Boss, Insight, Difference
    My Piece without a Spell Checker 8>0
    Serving with an NGO, for upliftment of Homeless Children, I am forced to rethink if our approach is really humane?

    It all started when I suggested for Meditation for our inmates, to soothe their nerves and adjust to the adverse conditions. However, my boss had different opinions about controlling the problem, which includes usage of violence too.

    In a Democratic Setup, Everyone is allowed to present their viewpoint; it is entirely up to the other person to either accept it or reject it. Now, not only has he scrapped my idea, He has started spreading bad words about my capabilities. I am really hurt by his unprofessional motives, He is adamant to create differences between me and my co-workers.

    Without having any insight on the matter, or even evaluating the effects of overall goodness it will create, He has become an Authority on Anger Management. I am no Einstein but I know how to study human behavior and make them better people.

    Total 163 Words

    Now it is 2nd Nov, 2006… over 72 hours past the result’s deadline and yet the result is not out.

    How can Google goof-up, it is simply not expected from the leader, naaa God of the Web !!!

  65. Vatsal says:

    where r they posted ….moreover, Is it been published somewhere!!!!

  66. Manjit Singh says:

    Results? Reeesulttts? Where are You? Come on out, Result…We are waiting for you.

    Well It seems the Result for GWM has gone and hid itself in some nook or cronny !!!

    Now it is over 3 days past the result’s deadline and yet the result is not out.

    How can Google goof-up, it is simply not expected from the leader, naaa God of the Web !!!

  67. Manjit Singh says:

    Is it really Google or is it some third agency, who had cornered the contract to evaluate the writings? and then unable to excute the same.

    There is a sense of Deja Vu, remember what happens in Meerut? 13-14 yrs old, Fifth standard students checking PG Papers?

    Who is to say about the actual picture, Google is not forthcoming with the truth.

  68. Anuradha Sahu says:

    Passionate about writing the Google WordMaster Conest was something I was thrilled to read about. It took me no time to get myself registered. On the day of the contest, I set out anxious, confident and ecstatic – anxious because I had no idea of anything about the contest, confident [well, it was more of positive thinking], and ecstatic because after having heard of Google and its achievements I was simply thrilled to be able to tell people that atleast in some way I was linked with GOOGLE. {I really adore the bright colourful logo}. Expecting to find only 300 participants, I was bemused to see more! As I envyingly eyed the team with Google T-Shirts, I was escorted into an airconditioned auditorium by one of them after verifying my details. The Google presentation was an enlightening one, it also helped reduce the apprehension and flutter of butterflies in the stomach.

    On receiving the ‘exam papers’, the words ” Angry ? Who Me? ” struck me as though I was seeing my thoughts in print and I instantly knew what I had to write. Well, 45 minutes was all I had – to draft, re-write, spell-check and word-count. Write! I did, Finish! I did. I also made a friend. Also the sight of so many interested in creative writing in these days of mechanical living, gladdened my heart.

    The results we were told were to be declared on 30th October and we would be intimated via email. Passing those days filled with mixed feelings of joy [if selected] and sorrow [if not], were with me even during the festive season. Now that the D-Day has gone by I don’t know whether I am the winner or not – I wish I knew the results – this ‘being in the dark’ state is really killing. Oh Google, don’t serve a Googlee, make my dream come true and serve me a SMILEY.

  69. Manjit Singh says:

    So, My Hunch seems to be correct after all?

    I strongly feel that the much publicized event was actually an exercise to test the waters, maybe to retain people for some superBlog or to present relevant, human edited content – in the lines of,, et al.

    It was totally outsourced job and the 3rd agency goofed up.

    The Proofs of Goof-ups are many-
    1. The invitations for the test were not very effectively communicated.

    2. It was presented basically as an intro to Google’s various ventures and not actually as a contest attracting Talent.

    3. Arrangements for the test involving people to generate IT Bytes using language were pathetic, to say the least. I am sure many people must have felt uneasy using pen paper, instead of a PC (at least I Did).

    4. India is not very high on the Google’s agenda, then why this contest was held here only?

    5. At some places, Contestants were given 60 Minutes and elsewhere just 45 Minutes. They organizers did not even have a clear-cut policy?

    6. Even the Logo on Goodies Bag was somewhat different, meaning it was second grade job conceived, and executed locally, by equally proficient dumbos.

  70. pradeepkumar says:

    i tink its a wonderful chance to know yourself better!

  71. Anuradha Sahoo says:

    My bad luck…… I missed the opportunity, is the result out, anyway congrats to those participated.

  72. R. Ranganath Prasad says:

    I have participated in the Google Wordmasters Challenge 2006. As per the terms of the competition, i am supposed to know who the winners are. After waiting for quite some months, I wrote to their bangalore office asking for the results and the list of winners. No response. I wrote to them through their website asking if i wasn’t right in maligning Google’s name by giving publicity to their callousness. No response. I rest. But let me aver that I had done exceptionally well in that competition.

  73. prolan1 says:

    Vx3qIS qazwsx

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