Google Wordmasters Challenge : Finding India’s Best Writers

Google Wordmasters Challenge aims to find and reward India’s best writers. The contest is open only to the first 300 participants and the deadline for entries is 25th September 2006. The contest will take place on Saturday 30th September 2006, at 11am.

The contest will be judged by a panel of respected professional writers. The Google Wordmasters Challenge shall be conducted simultaneously at Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Cochin, Pune, Indore and Ahmedabad. The winners will be announced around 30 October, 2006. Read the terms. Besides some exciting awards, you might land up with a Google job!

73 comments on “Google Wordmasters Challenge : Finding India’s Best Writers

  1. aditya barigali says:

    i would like to participate in the challenge

  2. sumita kulkarni says:

    I AM CURIOUS-This is one contest where being curious will bring in the laurels!

  3. Surya Kant Rathi says:

    I want to participate in google wordmasters challenge(from kolkata)

  4. p.n.jyoti says:

    I would like to register myself for the challenge.

    Thank you.

  5. shrgh says:

    how to participate? is it online?

  6. drshekharairan says:

    I fit the bill.Contact me. Wordsmith Shekhar

  7. shobhana shiknis says:

    i am from Pune, and being impressed by the advertisement by google, wish to enrol for the wordmasters competition, to be held at Pune.

  8. shobhana shiknis says:

    it would be really exciting to participate in the wordmasters challenge, as i think i am quite good at it !

  9. shobhana shiknis says:

    i am a writer,and by participating in the challenge, would find out if i am also one of the best !

  10. shobhana shiknis says:

    Please enrol me for the challenge from Pune as I am greatly interested.

  11. shobhana shiknis says:

    it seems to be an exciting and novel programme and i would like to enrol for the challenge.
    thank you.

  12. shobhana shiknis says:

    I would request to kindly register me for the competition.

  13. shobhana shiknis says:

    please enrol my name among the first 300 participants.

  14. shobhana shiknis says:

    congratulations google on this novel project, hope i am registered for it !

  15. shobhana shiknis says:

    it’s very thoughtful of you google not to keep the age bar,so that writers like me can still get thrilled to take part !

  16. shobhana shiknis says:

    what are the criterias for accepting the comments ? please enrol me for the challenge.

  17. shobhana shiknis says:

    I wish to participate in the selection of india’s best writers challenge competition.

  18. D.Krishnaswamy Rao, Bangalore says:

    I wish to register for participating in the Google Wordmaster’s Challenge from Bangalore

  19. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Please follow the links in the post to register and see the terms. You can register here and the terms are here

  20. Sanu S Kumar says:

    i would like to workin agreat organisation like Google. I wish I could win this Wordmasters Contest

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