Crosses 1500 Military Blogs crosses a network of 1500 military blogs and claims to be the world’s largest index of military blogs and provides exposure and coverage of the best military blogs on the Internet., an organization with a history of supporting “soldier journalism,” acquired in 2005. They report that recently posted its 1,500th military blog.

 1500 military blogs

military blogs

The popularity of Milbloggers and military blogs has increased over the last few years, particularly with growing unrest, wars and military events worldwide, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan. Military blogs deliver first hand perspectives from soldiers and warfighters from the front lines. The service members and families share their life on duty or on the home front, covering issues and personal stories that can’t be found with traditional sources. has now over 1500 blogs from 23 countries and offers traffic, commentary, recognition and in-depth coverage of the best military blogs on the Internet. Check out the Featured Milblogs of the week. They hosted the first annual awards, called the 2005 Milbloggies to honour outstanding military bloggers. The Milbloggies are an annual award ceremony celebrating milblogging around the world.

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