Newsweek Features Top 20 Powerful Women

Newsweek magazine is featuring Marissa Mayer, a top Google executive along with Broadcast journalist Maria Celeste Arraras, and Queen Latifah, a top entertainer on the cover of its current issue.

The cover page is titled under Women and leadership: The Next Generation – 20 Powerful women on how to take charge.

“These women are poised to be the next generation of leaders in their fields whether it’s sports, business, finance, politics or the arts. In their own words, they tell how they got where they are and where they hope to go next.”

The most buzz is being generated by Marissa Mayer, Vice president of search products in Google.

Women in Technology are getting more powerful and popular. Did you know about the Girls of Google Contest. There is even a IT Screen Goddesses Calendar that features women in technology. And of course, the Most Powerful Woman in the world now is Angela Merkel.

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