Weekend Humor : Blog Laughter with GapingVoid

When I need a blog laugh, I usually visit Blaugh, the unofficial comic of the blogosphere, which parodies top bloggers, blogs and technology issues. Today I stumbled upon another interesting site by Hugh MacLeod, called GapingVoid for “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards”.

You can also put a widget on your blog which autoupdates with the latest cartoon. Some of their cool work –

Feed Icons are the new web standard for syndicated web content. Now they are looking our for OPML icons.

Hire a blogging consultant, the blogger job boards are at war. You could even become a blogsitter. Or better still, become a professional blog designer.

Scoble said this. Arrington said that. Are you listening…

Technorati is tracking every word you publish. Got an alternative to the Technorati 100? Maybe start linking to the non technorati 100 blogs. More reasons to get a technorati account.

Many cartoons they publish are not always tech or blogging related.

Marry these richest americans or find the world’s richest billionaires

Enjoy Gapingvoid!!!

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