Which Cars Do Top Billionaires Drive?

You have read about the Forbes list of the world’s riches billionaires, but have you wondered which cars these top billionaires drive? Expecting a Bugatti, Ferrari, Mercedes, Lamborghini or BMW…

ForbesAutos.com gives you a look at the vehicles driven by the billionaires at the top of the 2006 list. And they were surprised to find that the super rich owned vehicles which were not status symbols, since luxury and status is something that these billionaires need not prove to others.

To compile our list, we obtained motor vehicle registration records from each billionaire’s respective state. For those not residing in the U.S., we relied on interviews with company representatives or past interviews with the billionaires themselves. Their net worth was taken from Forbes.com’s 2006 World’s Billionaires List.

It makes interesting reading, though the list is a few months old now. According to them William Bill Gates owns 2 Porsche cars, Warren Buffet owns a 2001 Lincoln Town Car Signature series … read on.

And now Warren Buffett has put his car for auction. He will be donating the winning bid to the Girls Inc. charity. The four-door, 2001 Signature Series Lincoln Town Car is famous for its etched brass plaque bearing the investor’s signature and a personalized “Thrifty” number plate.

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  1. abhimanyu says:

    the richest man has to drive phantom mercedes bmw n

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