YotoPhoto Searches Free Color Matched Images and Photos

Looking for a free to use green image, larger than 500px, aligned horizonatally to add to your blog header… how to you find it? Amazed. This is Yotophoto which claims to be the first internet search engine for finding free-to-use photographs and images. It actively indexes Creative Commons, Public Domain, GNU FDL, and various other ‘copyleft’ images, which means you can easily use these images on websites and presentations.

Yotophoto has the unique ability to find images matched by color

“Instead of using the overall color average of an image as other sites do, our engine analyzes the color histogram of every image to determine the most prominent colors in each. In addition, the algorithm will weigh these colors based on their frequency and location within the image. The result is a very accurate and fast color searching experience.”

Just go to advanced search and either enter the hexadecimal code or select color from a javascript color panel. You can also restrict by zise e.g. >500px or image orientation e.g vertical / horizontal.

This is a useful tool for professional web designers searching for an image that matches your logo, template, ad layout etc. For example I want to search for images matching the hex color code of my header, see the results. For a more dramatic color search example, try their suggested color search for the Yotophoto logo.

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