Google Pagerank Updates On : Predict Your Future PR

Well its that time which all webmasters and SEO experts wait for, an impending Google Pagerank update. The buzz is that Google is updating pagerank of websites and you can check to see if your PR is changing.

I had done my 6 months on WordPress review 15 days back when I had complained that all went well about my move from Blogger to WordPress, except that the pagerank was still PR4 while the earlier blog had a PR6. Well a quick look at the Live PR statistics reveals some Google datacenters are showing that Quick Online Tips is PR6. Even though our feed is still PR5.

Now is the time to see if all your search engine optimization and backlinks finally helped to improve pagerank. Live PR is an excellent future pagerank or PR prediction tool which can help you visualize upcomming PR changes for your domain name. If some Google datacenters are giving different PR than your current PR, expect a pagerank change to the new PR soon. Are you experiencing a PR shift?


  1. Yan says:

    It looks like live PR has no futer. Check this posted on their web site:

    For reasons yet unknown (although we have our suspicion…), Google is currently returning the Live PageRank value of zero (0) for any and all pages. This kind of breaks this tool in the way that it no longer displays your Live PageRank, but you can still use it for checking Toolbar PR across datacenters.

  2. Thilak says:

    Congrates Dude !!… Even my blog’s pagerank jumped from 0 to 6 directly !!

    Hurray !!

  3. Michael says:

    When’s the next update for 2007? :D any idea?

  4. DLL Files Dude says:

    One is right around the corner!!! :)

  5. Dragoslav says:

    Why my PR is 0?

  6. Samma says:


    I have tried few PR predicting tools but non of them has ever been accurate for me ( not even close ). So I somehow dont believe those tools.

  7. says:

    my CMS is MITRA and my PR is 4 and it predicted 6 ;)

  8. kral oyun says:

    The more backlinks the better but as the old adage goes quality beats quantity. You want backlinks preferably from sites with a pagerank higher than yours. It also helps tremendously when your backlinks are from various IPs, the more varied the better. A good example would be 100 backlinks all from seperate IPs as opposed to 1000 backlinks all from the same IP.

  9. jason says:

    I haven’t found any prediction tool work for me yet. :-(

  10. Gossip says:

    None tool is available i m afraid…

  11. kiz oyunlari says:

    I think that Google’s editors give high mark for education sites. low PR for games etc. sites.

  12. Romania Recruitment says:

    Unfortunately is hard to have an accurate prediction because Google also have his own secrets that never share with others. ;)

  13. 3doyunlar says:

    My dear friend, Threr are a lot of Pr predictor page here.
    But I musy tell you, this page isn’t true for future. Because, We dont predict Google System :)

  14. pagerank says:

    There is also a good tool for predicting Pagerank at

  15. sikiş says:

    sad asd asda

  16. هلاليه says:

    I think that Google’s editors give high mark for education sites. low PR for games etc. sites.

  17. Radyo Dinle says:

    This article very useful about pag rank google. Thanks.

  18. kral oyun says:

    my CMS is MITRA and my PR is 4

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