Most Expensive Ebay Items For Sale and Auction

While we look for bargains and deals for every few dollars on the internet’s largest auction house Ebay, some people are selling and bidding on goods and products worth millions of dollars on Ebay.

I found these links on Digg that point to the most expensive items on Ebay. See the search results here and here, both get slightly different results. The most expensive item for sale / auction on ebay at present is a Multi Billion Dollar Internet Real Estate Business being offered for 21 million dollars. The next most expensive item is Flathead Lake in Montana selling for $10.5 million.

Then someone at Digg posted most expensive items on Ebay with bids. After all anyone can set up unrealistic auctions for millions of dollars and never get any bidders. What is interesting is to know the most expensive ebay sale items with bidders. The search results are here and here. And the most expensive item with bidders is a limestone rock quarry which has a bidder for $950,000.

Since these are search results, these will always autoupdate with the most expensive items and if you enjoy tracking this, you can bookmark these links and when you check back after auctions have closed, you will see a renewed list of most expensive items. It would be interesting to know what search parameters they used…

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