Fix Server 500 Errors With WordPress 2.0.5 Upgrades

WordPress users recently upgraded to the latest version of WordPress 2.0.5 Ronan. But some users are reporting seeing Server 500 Errors on their blogs.

Mark Jaquith, a contributing developer for WordPress, points out that it is only a small minority of people that are affected, and the problem can be fixed with a plugin.

“First, download this plugin, upload it to your wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate it by going to the Plugins menu and clicking Activate next to the WordPress 2.0.5 Tuneup listing. If you get the error message after logging in and thus cannot click the Plugins tab, manually type {WPDIR}/wp-admin/plugins.php into your address bar.”

Users are reporting in the comments that this plugin is successfully fixing these WordPress errors. This is reported a bug in WordPress track and I hope they release WordPress or 2.0.6 soon…

Update: Mark points out in his comments that the change that caused this problem was needed for another minority of people and a compromise solution is awaited.

“So one group needs the change, or WP is broken, and for another group the change breaks WP. We obviously want a solution that works for both of them (and of course continues to work for the vast majority unaffected by these issues) but it’s a tricky issue, and there isn’t an immediately obvious solution. So the plugin is here for the small amount of people who are having a problem, so their blogs at least work (and have the security updates in 2.0.5) until we can come up with a solution that works for all server setups.”

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