Get Your Blog on Techmeme, Memeorandum, WeSmirch, Ballbug

Gabe is running some top sites like Techmeme, Memeorandum, WeSmirch, and Ballbug – which are collecting breaking news and blog articles from all over the internet. But I have always been intrigued by how to get my blog articles to show up on Techmeme, which covers the Technology news space. The about section has revealed

“Coverage is driven by a mix of industry insiders, passionate independents, and established journalists. So Techmeme gets the story no matter where it appears, and often days before it hits major sites.”

Now their blog shows how to get your blog to show up on these sites.

“So recently I extended my system to take referrals into account. Now if your blog or news article sends a moderate level of traffic to one of my sites, it will be evaluated for inclusion. Linking certainly doesn’t guarantee you’ll appear, since all posts are run though the usual tests for newsworthiness.”

Share some link love with Gabe’s sites and their indexing algorithm might just decide to pick up your site and send some traffic your way.

GapingVoid summarizes it well enough why you need to feature on Techmeme.

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