Looking for Google Jobs in India?

My friend is studying hard with one clear objective – to get a job at Google India. He loves Google and wants to work at Google only. Maybe he was inspired by these top 10 reasons to work for Google, TIME photo essay on life in the Googleplex or pics of the new New York Mini Googleplex.

Anyway, Google India offers several job opportunities. The fine print at bottom reads that Google does not accept recruitment agency resumes and Google seeks to hire only the best.

“At Google, our strategy is simple: we hire great people and encourage them to make their dreams a reality. We believe in hard work, a fun atmosphere, and the sort of creativity that only comes about when talented people from diverse backgrounds approach problems from varying perspectives.”

Googlers love their jobs, especially with all the Google India employment benefits. Beside the usual paid vacations, there are some good offers on Mediclaim Insurance (cash hospitalization benefits), Life Insurance, Business Travel Accident (BTA) and Personal Accident Insurance.

I just spotted some Google job opennings at Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Read more about life at Google Bangalore. BTW you can even get a Google job on the moon!

97 comments on “Looking for Google Jobs in India?

  1. Ashish Soni says:

    I too want to be a GOOGLER! :)

  2. Priya Sinha says:

    I really want to work with this Search industry,wish to become a googler !!!!!

  3. Asif khan says:

    Google is the largest search engine , i wanna like to be a part of it

  4. Shantanu Majumdar says:

    For quite a number of reasons, I would love to be a part of Google family

  5. yogender soni says:

    i really want to work with google because biggest enjoy with biggest search engine

  6. anuradha says:

    I have a great passion to work with google.

  7. vivek says:

    I want to work with google really … as a system admin atleast …. i am proud if it not my dream alone …

  8. rajan says:

    i love google !

  9. samit subba says:

    i would like to work in google and carry my future in this field for longer version..

  10. anupama.Kori says:

    My biggest aim in my life is to become a Googler…. :)

  11. siraj says:

    Hello Sir ,
    this is siraj , I always want to
    do jobs in google
    what types of jobs and what condition
    for employe
    is there any freelancing work

    Regard Siraj

  12. kanchan mallick says:

    I am looking for a change & want to join a big company………

  13. anand says:

    There is no point in day dreaming,,

  14. amit jha says:

    if there is one company in this world which i think of before going to bed at night and after getting up in the morning everydaay, it’s Google.

    Friends, i would consider myself very fortunate if somehow,someday i got a chance to become a “GOOGLER”.

    GOD! please help me achieve my dream.

  15. Jagadish Dandin says:

    What is the big deal in becoming a googler?

    Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world theyíve been given, than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact, itís an opinion. Itís not a declaration, itís a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing!Ē

    So go for it..

  16. srinivas says:

    I am looking for a change and like to work with google

  17. Vandana Bhanot says:

    I am looking for a change and like to work with google

  18. Tuhin Paul says:

    I am confident to perform well. I am from Bangladesh, I want an interview from Google at least so that I can present myself.

  19. yakub ali says:

    I want a job in goole search as a freelansre
    I heared that u are hiring persons for viewing and clicking the advertisig web and u pay direct to that person I am intrested in this

  20. Dipanjan Munshi says:

    I want to work with and for Google.

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