Make Life Easy on World Usability Day : Walk a Red Baloon

Today is World Usability Day. Make yourself useful on the 14th of November 2006 and celebrate usability around the world. World Usability Day 2006 promotes the value of usability engineering and user-centered design.

You can participate in World Usability Day 2006 by signing the World Usability Day Charter, attend a webcast, or join the Red Balloon Initiative. Take a red balloon for a walk and use it to highlight the site of examples of good and bad usability that you come across. Their flickr group is collecting examples of things that people find that are NOT usable, that DON’T make our lives easy. They might get featured on the Making Life Easy website which is asking you to make some noise about things that are hard to use.

Attend a local event in your country. View the details of over 218 events in 40 countries. Usability Professionals Association is supporting those who promote and advance the development of usable products. Which tech gadget are you finding hard to use…

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