How Technology Influences Gen-Next Kids Today!

I always trust to bring a smile on my face with all those techy, geeky comics and cartoons… here I collect for you an insight of what technology and blogs are doing to the generation next kids….

A Deal's a Deal
One more reason to upgrade your WordPress and back up your blog. You dont know who is looking for that security loophole in your blog.

Rough First Day
Google WiFi offers free wireless internet in Mountain View and these are some advantages of residing around the Google headquarters. Kids are learning computers via Hole in the Wall Experiments.

Blogging Blackmail
Internet freedom is a big issue. Imbee provides secure social networking and blogging for kids. There are now 57 million blogs in the blogosphere.

An Innocent PayPal Scam
Guide them to the Get Net Safe Tour – learn internet safety and security. Get a Yahoo family email account for your kid.

Wife of Second Life
Second Life crosses 1 million virtual residents. Under 18? Check out the new Teen Second Life – a virtual online world for teens. Get a real life, switch off the internet.

See how Blaugh parodies top A-list Bloggers. Catch more kid and tech at Being Five : a cartoon kid who blogs using voice recognition software.

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