The Story About Google,, and Adsense Consulting

If you read the story about Utube vs Youtube, where was overwhelmed by users looking for, this Google story will sound familiar similar. Google can make any website famous… you just need to have a similar sounding domain name!

AdSense Consulting (now at is a fee based marketing and business consulting firm dealing with niche marketing in image and presentation, print, photography, web sites, and e-commerce. They owned the domain name and when Google Adsense became so popular as an online advertising solution, after getting hundreds of customer service e-mails and phone calls regarding Google’s AdSense program, they moved to

Now search engine roundtable reports that Google owns and it is redirecting to the Google front page. Anyway, now we are all driving business and site traffic to AdSense Consulting, which has nothing to do with Google Adsense, but in case you need the services of a marketing and business consulting firm, you know where to find them…

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