TIME Best Invention of the Year : YouTube

TIME presents is list of Best Inventions 2006 and the top slot of Invention of the year goes to YouTube. This popular video sharing service was recently acquired by Google and has made celebrities out of common people (like Noah and Ahreelee).

“A robot learned to ride a bike. Somebody came up with a nanofabric umbrella that doesn’t stay wet. But only YouTube created a new way for millions of people to entertain, educate, shock, rock and grok one another on a scale we’ve never seen before. That’s why it’s Time’s Invention of the Year for 2006.”

“YouTube is ultimately more interesting as a community and a culture, however, than as a cash cow. It’s the fulfillment of the promise that Web 1.0 made 15 years ago. The way blogs made regular folks into journalists, YouTube makes them into celebrities.”

Not everyone is happy with Youtube’s success. Paris Hilton likes Youtube. Metacafe is showing the way to earn money by sharing videos and switching Youtube users. Check out the amazing you tube tools collection and harness the power of Youtube.

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