Upgrade to WordPress 2.0.5 Now : Essential Security Fixes

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I was recently asked – do you really need upgrading to the latest WordPress version everytime? The quick answer is Yes. I upgraded to WordPress 2.0.5 codename Ronan which was released a few days back.

If you are on the free Blogger or WordPress.com, you need not worry about security upgrades, as they care of it at the back-end and you never notice. But hosted WordPress is on your own web hosting and as the WordPress guys release a new version, it becomes your own responsibility to keep updating to get new features, bug fixes and important security upgrades.

For most of us, the actual security fixes are difficult to understand, but security experts who understand these security issues advise that these are important upgrades. Once a new version is released, all these known wordpress bugs and security issues become public information and someone wanting to misuse this knowledge and having the right expertise to do it can compromise your precious WordPress blog.

I previously upgraded to WordPress 2.0.4 after encounting multiple security issues that led hackers find a way in. I have upgraded to the latest WordPress 2.0.5 and advise you to the same. The upgrading from WordPress 2.0.4 to 2.0.5 is not as difficult as it seems, and takes a few minutes (Dont forget to back up everything). Some users are reporting seeing Server 500 Errors on their blogs after the updrade. I did not get them, but there is a simple plugin to fix it in case it occurs.

You always read that a new release is associated with the words “we suggest everyone upgrade as this includes security fixes”. They have done their job to give you a more secure blogging platform, now it is up to you to use it to your benefit… better safe than sorry!