9rules Round 5 Blog Selection Results Trickling Out

The 9rules round 5 results are trickling out as they daily announce the selected blogs in small groups. This is in contrast to previous rounds of selections, when they posted the entire list of selected blogs. 9rules Round 5 Submissions had opened for 24 Hours on October 25 and 1190 blogs submissions were received.

“we will be making regular announcements over the next two weeks listing the sites that have been accepted. We aren’t trying to drag this out but we had to find a way to thoroughly go through the sites. People forget that after the acceptances, I have to email them, they have to accept the membership agreement, get set up in the forums, put the lead on their site, they have to be added to communities, and Scrivs has lots of fun taking screenshots of all the sites.”

They are announcing new additions everyday for the last 3 days. There are some great blogs out there. This delayed revelation of the selected blogs is keeping the suspense alive while ensuring you have a good look at the selected blogs with ample time to subscribe to their feeds and look around the popular articles.

In the last round 4 they had selected 111 blogs to add to 9rules. This time the full list will be posted after all daily selections are revealed. You can still get noticed by 9rules.

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