9rules Round 5 Results : 134 Blogs Selected

The final results of blogs selected for addition to the 9rules blogging network in round 5 are almost out. Though the results have been gradually tricking out, a list of 134 blogs finally selected so far has been released.

If you were not selected, all hope is not lost. Many more blogs may join after some discussions, or after fixing their web hosting issues.

“There is a large list of sites where I need to contact the owner with questions. This will not happen until after the holiday. Instead of rejecting those sites, we decided to dig a bit deeper and ask some questions. There are a couple hundred on this list and again, I will be contacting them individually and will be announced later if accepted.

If you emailed me about the status of your site, I will begin going through those after I contacted everyone on the questions list since many of those who emailed me are on that list.

If you site was down/had hosting problems, email me. When a site is down we can’t review it.”

This round, about 1190 blogs wanted to join 9Rules. Last time, 111 Blogs joined in round 4 out of a total 700 submissions. 111 out of 700 works out to be 15.8%. The current 134 out of 1190 is 11.2%. Maybe the new surprise selections will boost this number. You can still get noticed by 9rules. Remember, they take in the best.

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