Craigsnumber : Auto-expiring Free Anonymous Phone Numbers

Privacy is an important issue today. Disclosing your personal information to total strangers online is a privacy issue you can avoid. First there were free disposable email services, then expiring emails, and even the Yahoo Mail Plus AddressGuard that protects your precious personal email from spam. Now Craigsnumber provides a similar service to protect your phone numbers.

Craigsnumber provides an auto-expiring free anonymous phone number like (415) 234 5400 x 883. They will autogenerate a working phone number for you. Tell them a 10 digit US number where calls from the Craigsnumber will be forwarded. You decide when you want that phone number to expire – in a hour, a day or a week.

If you want a number in your area code – they can do that for San Francisco, Washington DC or Dallas too. I am sure people will enjoy using this free phone forwarding service and protect their privacy and personal phones when filling up online forms and surveys.

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