Digg Crosses One Million Submitted Stories

Hundreds of stories get posted everyday on Digg, and a lucky few interesting stories get dugg to the front page. Have you ever wondered how many stories have been submitted to Digg. Inside Social News points out that one Million stories have now been submitted to digg and explains some logic for the Digg milestone.

1. Here is the http://services.digg.com/story/1 for the first story, the second line lists the story id as ‘1’. Naturally, the One Millionth story would be at: http://services.digg.com/story/1000000

2. When you hover over the digg it button of a story, the story is listed at the bottom of the browser

This has naturally inspired discussion on Digg and you might want to check out the millionth submitted article. Inspite of occasional attempts to cheat Digg, the vibrant Digg community continues to grow and spread the word about incredible stories.

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