Eboy Web 2.0 Foobar Poster

The Eboy shop is selling a cool web 2.0 poster called Foobar Poster which has a mashup of top Web 2.0 products and companies in a city neighborhood like setting. The size of the poster is size: 841 x 1189 mm or 23.3 x 33.1 inch, and it costs 16 Euros for non-EU-costumers (18.5 Euros for EU-costumers).

Eboy Foobar poster

Here is a full size image to help you spot… I can see Google, Technorati, YouTube…. and there are logos too like Feedburner, Rollyo etc. See how many you can spot. Maybe some enthusiastic reader can spot all these logos and post the list in comments and others can add what others missed.

You geeky guys can hang this poster on your wall and quiz non techies about how many Web 2.0 services they can spot…

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